The quality system is certified in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9002, 1998 and from 2002 in accordance with the additional requirements in the automotive industry, QS -9000.
In 2005 our quality system is certified according to ISO / TS 16949 and ISO 9001 standards.
The Environmental Management System is certified in accordance with the requirements of ISO 14001.

The company is equipped with modern equipment for testing the quality of the products, providing high accuracy and reliability of measurements. This equipment includes:

3D measuring device
Computerized conturograph
Device for testing surface roughness
Measuring poles
Measuring equipment for dimensional control : measuring plates, measuring indicators, depth metres, vernier scales – classical and digital

Electronic instruments for bed sphericity control
Computerized devices for dimensional measuring and statistical monitoring of reliability and stability treatment
Brinell , Vickers and Rockwell test methods to determine the hardness of forgings
Other measuring devices : etalons , calibres , torque wrenches, etc.